About us

Market researchers. Analysts. Consultants.

As a globally active, full-service market research provider, LDB Mica Research guarantees reputable, high-quality market research and is your ideal partner for targeted, successful marketing and sales measures. Our core expertise lies in using the entire spectrum of channels to generate representative data on target groups, analyzing this information reliably, and deriving specific action recommendations through a user-friendly assessment. It’s a proven process that additionally benefits from our holistic perspective.

Market research has a long tradition in the LDB Group. Companies of all sizes from a wide variety of industries have benefited from the quality of our market- and customer-based studies since 1973. Our spectrum of services includes customer satisfaction surveys, market analyses, location studies, service level analyses and forecasts, as well as market segmentation and buyer structures.

LDB Mica Research GmbH is ISO 9001 certified and is a member of ESOMAR and the Association of German Market and Social Researchers (BVM).